How Can ThreatScan Help In Making Your Security Posture better?


ThreatScan's features will help you improve your pentest service as it is the best platform which provide PenetrationTesting as a service in USA and provides visibility across your organization's security posture. With 24/7 human-based support, an AI chatbot named Diana, and integrations with JIRA and Slack, application and test-specific dashboards provide you with insights into the progress and status of the vulnerabilities. These features make ThreatScan better than all the other automatic scanners. 

Also, A certificate will be issued to verify that all of the vulnerabilities found in your application have been addressed. On our website, you can also check the certificate's authenticity. You can track all your vulnerabilities in a single dashboard. We provide a report that includes a summary of the vulnerability, vulnerability details, and proof of concept. We also state which OWASP category they belong to and the remediation steps.

Penetration Testing as a service in USA



  • You can get good knowledge about your security measures using the feature provided by ThreatScan, known as threat score, which will help you determine the status of vulnerability your software is affected with.


  • You can also download reports in your Gmail account, i.e., using the slack feature.


  • Suppose you think that the scan is not done correctly or any part of your application is missed. In that case, you can also request rescanning, where the entire application will be rechecked manually using our top penetration testers.


  • You can also whitelist certain areas of your app which you think are ontesting phase and don't require security testing.


  • You can track the status of the vulnerabilities in real-time as to which vulnerability is open or closed or in which state.


  • You can also check which vulnerability falls under which OWASP category, and once that vulnerability is fixed, you will get a notification on your desired app via the slack feature.



  • We have the dashboard and access for multiple roles in your organization, such as admin with full privilege, and other users will have some fewer privileges.


  • You will also be provided with a certificate of pentest, which states that all the vulnerabilities are closed, and your software is securely scanned and protected by ThreatScan.


  • ThreatScan has also enabled dark theme support to provide users with a good experience.


ThreatScan, provides the best penetration testing service and is trusted by more than 500+ organizations as it provides zero false positives. To learn more about the benefits of ThreatScan or to schedule a demo, you can visit or call us at +91 9901024214





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